Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tips to Quit Smoking

Below are some tips on how to quit smoking;

1. First, you must make the commitment to quit.
2. Set a quit date, preferably as soon as possible.
3. Equip oneself with the skills to cope with withdrawals (e.g., using the expansion of the DEAD strategy: delay, escape, avoid and distract).
4. Stay away from things that trigger smoking (ie alcohol, coffee or other activities)
5. Eat healthy – drink lots of water, eat more fruits and vegetables and reduce fat intake to prevent weight gain
6. Engage in a hobby or activity to keep your mind occupied
7. Get assistance from health professionals
  • Quitline National Poison Centre, Penang 04-657 2924
  • Quit smoking clinics 03-2694 0701 (Federal Territory) For complete list, go to
  • MyHealth portal Health Ministry 03-8883 1450/1446/1437 Email: Website:
  • Pharmacists certified to provide smoking cessation advice

8. Health professionals are particularly useful when medications ( e.g., nicotine replacement therapy/NRT, bupropion) are indicated to be used in addition to behavioral approach alone because using both behavior and meds have been shown to increase (double) the rate of successful quitting.

  • But note that most meds are not meant for long-term use, so the coping skills learnt would be essential to remain tobacco-free for life.

9. Get support from friends and family
10. Lastly, make Du’a to Allah SWT to help and give strength to you to be able to quit smoking (to my fellow Muslims, please don’t forget this!!!)


Hope this helps and try it before it’s too late…


(This article was edited from the tips given by my teacher, Associate Professor Dr M. Haniki Nik Mohamed, the chief coordinator of CSCSP)



Some of the studies that conclude that pharmacists patient care services can significantly reduce overall health care costs.

· Health problems resulting from improperly taken prescription medications cost more than $177 billion each year – more than the cost of the drugs themselves. {Ernst FR, Grizzle, AJ. Drug-Related Morbidity and Mortality: Updating the Cost-of-Illness Model: Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association. 2001. Mar-Apr; 41 (2): 192-199.}
· Pharmacists' services in an intensive care unit decreased adverse events by 66%, saving $270,000. {Leape LL. Cullen DJ, Dempsey Clapp M, et al. Pharmacist participation on physician rounds and adverse drug events in intensive care unit. JAMA 1999 July21; 282(3): 267-70.}
· Pharmacists' services at a Veterans Administration outpatient clinic reduced the number of medications taken by an average of 2.4 prescriptions per person. {Galt KA. Cost avoidance acceptance, and outcomes associated with pharmacotherapy consult clinic in a Veterans Affairs medical center. Pharmacotherapy 1998 Sept.-Oct.; 18(5): 1103-11}
· Pharmacists in long-term care facilities save an estimated $3.7 billion by improving patient care services. {The Fleetwood Project, American Society of Consultant Pharmacists}
· Services provided in community pharmacies saved approximately $3.47 per prescription. {Dobie RL, Rascati KL. Documenting the value of pharmacists’ interventions. American Pharmacy. 1994; May; NS34(5): 50-4}

The studies may be conducted some time ago and it goes to show that the values of pharmacists have long been established.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Jadilah Profesional Muslim

"Jadilah Profesional Muslim" atau "Be a Muslim Profesional" adalah saranan yang seringkali kita dengar mutakhir ini. saya memilih tajuk ini sebagai tajuk blog ini kerana ini adalah satu2nya tajuk yang saya rasa sesuai dan yang saya dapat fikirkan sekarang.

Walaubagaimanapun ini merupakan satu saranan dan tuntutan yang serius dan tidak boleh sekali2 dipandang ringan oleh setiap insan yang bergelar "MUSLIM" memandangkan umat islam kini sedang berada dlm suasana kepincangan yang sangat parah.

Dunia hari ini telah menyaksikan umat islam sedang dianiaya, difitnah, ditindas, dihina, dibunuh dan sebagainya dimerata2 tempat diseluruh dunia. dan apakah sumbangan kita dalam membantu meringankan kesengsaraan atau menyelesaikan masalah saudara seIslam kita?

Salah satu cara yang dapat kita lakukan adalah dengan kita menguasai kepakaran2 yang ada dalam dunia yang serba moden hari ini, dan menggunakan setiap kepakaran yang kita ada untuk membantu saudara2 seaqidah dgn kita di seluruh dunia.

Oleh yang demikian, saya menasihati diri saya dan anda semua agar kita dapat menjadi muslim yang berguna, yang mempunyai ilmu atau kepakaran dan yang dapat memberikan sesuatu kepada ummah sebanyak yang termampu walaupun sedikit kerana ia mungkin sumbangan yang zahirnya kecil di sisi manusia tapi mungkin besar di sisi Allah yang Maha Bijaksana jika diiringi dgn keikhlasan. hari ini mungkin hari mereka dan mereka memerlukan bantuan kita. tidak mustahil esok atau lusa adalah hari kita (na'uzubillah, but who knows??)...

Semoga bermanfaat... Wallahua'lam (Allah knows best)


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